German Saturday School Bristol

The German Saturday School Bristol is a community-based space where children learn together and gain knowledge of the German language and culture. The school follows a playful approach to teaching German to bilingual students.

The new brand identity reflects the school’s core values of playfulness, professionalism, reliability, and uniqueness. The new design features vibrant colors, unique patterns, and shapes, as well as illustrations of the school's "class-animals".

The school’s new logo is based on the idea of exchange and dialogue. The speech bubbles symbolise communication, interaction, and engagement. It also stands for learning and speaking a new language. Paired with the school’s name, it makes up the new logo of the DSS.

Branding for German Saturday School Bristol
(Deutsche Samstagsschule Bristol)

- Logo design
- Colour scheme
- Typography
- Illustrations and Patterns
- Social media assets
- Merchandise