The Kapps' Personal Archive –
A Historiographic Research Project

The Website, which has been funded by the Cambridge Political Economy Society Trust, presents a selection of documents from the personal archive of German-American economist K. William Kapp and his wife Lore Lili Kapp.

Karl William Kapp (October 27, 1910 – April 10, 1976) was a German-American economist and Professor of Economics at the City University of New York and later the University of Basel. Kapp's main contribution was the development of a theory of social costs that captures urgent socio-ecological problems and proposes preventative and precautionary policies to secure social provisioning for human needs.

Despite her significant contributions as a research assistant, collaborator, and co-author of multiple books, Lore L. Kapp (February 6, 1906 – February 5, 1979) has remained largely overlooked until this point.

This research project and its visual presentation aims to shed a light on Lore through newly discovered materials.

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